Omnibus 11:  Radiating from the brightest nebula comes Omnibus 11.

An interstellar sonic experience fronted by  vocalist Trinka and backed by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ian Baird. 

Trinka and Ian originally came together to do one song for a film. Upon completion of that song they knew they had struck onto something that required further exploration. The result is the debut from Omnibus 11. Described as Organic Electronica, Omnibus 11 tie together the natural and the synthetic into a cord of multi-colored  pop landscape. Laced with equal parts hook and imagination and spearheaded by the many characters and moods that Trinka's voice creates. 

Currently in orbit, Omnibus are preparing to board the lander and make the truth of their presence known. 

( Ricardo Malti 2009 - location unknown )

Nathan Whitman:

Nathan Whitman is a freelance composer who has loved music ever since he can remember. He started playing piano at the age of 6 and taught himself for the first few years. He started writing music when he was 8 and began taking private lessons in the third grade. Eventually, his musical interests expanded as he started playing the violin, earning a seat several times in the district orchestra, and eventually becoming the second-chair first-violinist in his high school orchestra. Nathan has composed hundreds of songs for the piano and violin, but this is the first time he has written for a feature-length film. He is currently majoring in English education but is looking to further his music training in the future.


Echoroom is the band name for Steve Craig, and whoever he has collaborating with him at this moment in time.

Steve was born in Belfast and moved to England, where he sang for the band BFG, and when they imploded due to

musical differences (drummer managed band, band didn't like drummer), a new band, Who by Fire, rose from the ashes.

Who by Fire is a great song, but a terrible band name.  WBF enjoyed some success in Europe (albums are still floating around the digital ether of iTunes), but eventually wound down

due to work and girlfriend commitments.

Steve then did nothing musically for years (other than lyric writing and some aborted attempts at guitar playing), then bought a powerbook and realized, with

Garageband, music could be created even by non-musicians. Echoroom was formed, and a series of musical collaborations began.

Steve now lives and works in Kenya with his wife, dog MacBook Pro and Logic studio 9, and continues to write music.

All Echoroom songs can be downloaded, free of charge, from


More Coming Soon!


Richard Marris is a 42 year old IT Consultant.  He has been writing and recording music with Dick Langford since 2002 -  recently as thePhobias. His only other cinematic adventure came in 1985 when he had a small speaking part in David Hare's Berlin International Film Festival winning drama Wetherby.

Dick Langford is a 56 year old sometime musician who has  played Glastonbury with Tricks Upon Travellers (TUT), recorded with Herbie Flowers and co-written two rock operas with the ex-singer of TUT  -  He has been writing and recording with Richard Marris for 7 years.