For Tim Curtright (Michael Gordon), life in his quiet suburban hometown of Derby, Kansas seems painfully ordinary.  For him, his gay best-friend, Austin (Mark Ayesh), and girlfriend, Laura (Sara Hammond), life consists of a series of school, dances, and the occasional party.  Unbeknownst to them, a dark secret lies just beneath the surface of the quiet Kansas community that will change their lives forever. 



With his mother, Emily Curtright (Danielle Wolverton), standing in the way, can Tim and his friends break through a generation of lies and secrets and discover what really happened to his dad? 

A thrilling, mysterious, and provocative adventure, War Stories challenges viewers to ask themselves, just how well they know their family’s past. 

(NR) but contains strong language, adult themes, some violent content, and brief nudity.  Viewer discretion is advised.     

When Tim, having grown up believing that his father, Ben Curthright (Jay Sanderson), died while fighting in the Gulf War, is assigned a research project at school, he is stunned to discover his father didn’t die in the conflict and in turn goes in search of the truth.   

“Touching and


                                                -John B.